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Born on Set, For the Set

CEO and Founder Doc Justice has led a life of wrapping and unwrapping cables. Growing up in Philadelphia as a DJ for parties, nightclubs, and commercial radio, Doc’s early career brought a basic understanding of audio engineering, which he would parlay into a new career as a Production Sound Mixer and Audio Supervisor in Los Angeles.

While working on many large-scale reality and competition shows, Doc began to notice a trend of complacency on set. The equipment used on set was very slow to evolve, and many Directors, Producers, and Sound Professionals got used to suboptimal tools and gear.

This was particularly evident while passing out IFB’s (the wireless audio belt-pack receivers used for listening to the audio that is being recorded on set) to some of the Studio Executives on a show. The usual dance was to give them an IFB every day, along with a single-ear headset. Every day, the Executives would decline the headset and use their own earbuds instead, and just let one side dangle down the front of their shirts. And who could blame them? This “standard” IFB earpiece was a coiled mess of low-fidelity frustration!

So, Doc designed the very first Field Monitor, a premium IFB earpiece designed to be comfortable and sound great.

Today, Halter Technical products are being used on sets all over the world. From low-budget documentaries to award-winning feature films, you’ll find the Halter Technical brand in the hands of Professionals in all corners of the globe. 

This is how we came to hear (pun intended) of them. Our technical manager is also an IPS Sound Recordist, with both set and studio experience. So now they are available in the UK for the very first time - through AmericanAudioPRO.