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Acoustics is a fusion of original product ideas based on Robert Goldman's and partner Lee Weber’s 32 combined years of real-world installation experience and insights into market needs. 

NextLevel Acoustics fully designs and produces proprietary audiophile class custom soundbars, in-walls, on-walls, bookshelves, and towers, as well as SONOS® soundbar enclosures, including other brands, using the highest quality materials and techniques. Every product is put through its paces in an advanced testing facility using proprietary techniques combined with critical knowledgeable listening.

The result is a full line of unique high-quality American designed and manufactured speaker solutions for custom installers with a special expertise for superior sounding soundbars with client pleasing aesthetics for the professional CI market. Besides Next Level’s expansive catalogue of over 40 different speaker solutions, with their extensive CAD, CNC, and finishing capabilities at their own manufacturing facility, they can also provide one-off custom solutions to solve even the most challenging custom demands.

This means NextLevel Acoustics products offer sonic excellence with an outstanding performance/value ratio due to their highly efficient business model that gives them the ability to reduce inventory carrying costs with rapid build to order manufacturing done on east coast USA.

NextLevel Acoustics® was founded by experienced Massachusetts based custom integrators in partnership with the considerable design and acoustic expertise of high-end audiophile speaker maven John Sollecito, and his 25-years of speaker engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise. John is well known in the USA for his highly regarded audiophile speakers and unique JSE Infinite Slope™ which gave rise to notable designs using his crossovers and other proprietary technologies.

It is company dedicated to creating the best products backed by personalized service for the custom install community, customers can count on every system will always deliver the best audiophile sound and aesthetics with outstanding value for the client and profitability for the installer.

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