CI-HC - Hidden Subwoofer


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For that little bit of hidden CI magic!
(Custom built to order - Payment with order, Delivery 5-6weeks)

Hidden within Cabinet (“HC”) subwoofer systems offer the highest level of performance when the installation environment requires positioning the subwoofer inside a concealed cabinet.  The proprietary downward firing bandpass design delivers ultra-clean bass frequencies with higher SPL’s by concentrating the output through a vented slot located in the side of the enclosure. Choose from a variety of standard and custom dimension options. Port start 1/2” from the boom, not including the rubber isolation feet option.


  • Downward-firing bandpass design
  • Slotted vent for optimal bass extraction
  • Delivers clean bass through an installed toe kick system 
  • Modification available to fire through a grille cloth cabinet door
  • Large rubber isolation feet provided
  • Gasket tape provided to further isolate the enclosure from the cabinet construction
  • Custom sizes available to match most cabinet openings