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Bang for Buck is what they say in the USA! We agree. 

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OSD Wi-Fi Streamer / Amplifiers
The era of streaming entertainment is here, and it’s hard to imagine life without the convenience of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. From wireless rock speakers to our NERO line of Wi-Fi amplifiers, speakers, and music servers, OSD Audio is at the forefront of streaming and always with sound quality in mind. This is why you’ll see extraordinary products like our NERO Link Streaming Media Server, which produces 24-bit audiophile-level sound quality from Spotify, Napster, iTunes or iHeartRadio, as well as our NERO Streamer, an Integrated power amplifier with a built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi—all controlled by the free OSD Player App for smartphones and tablets. Our App-controlled Nero Hi-Fi Wireless subwoofer transmitter puts Hi-Fi back into Wi-Fi with a 200W Amplifier and 5.8 GHz operating frequency for reliable, wireless streaming of bass audio. When it comes to outdoor wireless speakers, we wrote the book and offer wireless garden and rock speakers, patio speakers and wireless subwoofers that include the latest Bluetooth source connectivity for optimal range and sound quality.

OSD Amplifiers

Behind the scenes of any killer audio system is an amplifier or pre-amp that supplies the perfect balance of clean and reliable power. While we advise purchasing the best speakers you can afford to pair with an OSD amplifier; we also know that good power goes a long way in enhancing sound, whether it be in a dedicated home theatre, high-end listening room, or 70V commercial application where power supplies are stretched to the max. For outdoor applications, OSD mono subwoofer amplifiers allow you to design a system that overcomes ambient noises like traffic and wind, so sound comes through clearly and robustly. Every electrical component is carefully orchestrated in every one of our amplifiers, and we invest in Class D technology that runs cooler, more efficiently, and is more eco-friendly than traditional A/B amps. An amp should look as good as it sounds, which is why Outdoor Speaker Depot amps are slim-fitting with front panel indicators that are drop-dead stunning on shelves or racks.

OSD Multi-Channel Amps
The job of any multi-channel amplifier, like all amps, is to provide clean, reliable power to speakers and other passive components. Multi-zone amps, however, include discrete power sources or “channels” with separate input and output connectors. These channels allow you to distribute power to multiple places and adjust volume and control settings from one centralized location. Ideal for whole house audio and home theatre systems, these versatile amps typically start at five channels and can go as high as 12 channels. Power output varies but decreases as channels increase. For example, a 5-channel multi-zone amplifier is a great choice for 5.1 surround sound systems because it delivers power to left, right, centre, and rear surrounds, so you’ll experience action thrillers with sound quality that rivals commercial movie theatres. A 12-channel multi-channel audio amplifier is a popular choice for whole house audio systems and can control up to six zones or 12 speakers for superior sound playing room to room. For commercial environments, 70V multi-channel amps can provide power to 12 zones or 24 speakers mono  (70V) or six stereo zones (8/4 ohm) and are a great choice for retail stores, malls, restaurants, museums, and outdoor sound systems.

OSD Speaker Selectors
Speaker selectors are the unsung heroes in the whole house audio chain, but these unassuming devices are critical to experiencing and controlling music throughout your home. A speaker selector connects to the amplifier, borrows power from that amp and distributes across multiple sets of speakers. Say you’re listening to Spotify in the kitchen but are moving to the garage or den and still want to hear the music. Speaker selectors include buttons designated to a particular zone. Press the button and the beat goes on, but there is more to speaker selectors than meets the ear. Speaker selectors can be single zone or multi-zone, depending on the type of amp you have and the system you’re designing. Most of the speaker selectors we sell at Outdoor Speaker Depot feature impedance matching protection to avoid overload issues.