OSD SMC12 Stereo to Mono Convertor



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OSD Audio SMC21 Stereo Signal to Mono Converter and Ground Loop Isolator

OSD's SMC21 Stereo to Mono Converter is a must have for integrators who need to convert stereo (left/right) into a two summed, mono outputs.

Although most media devices are in stereo, not every space is acoustically suited for a left and right channel feed and combining the audio signal into two identical summed stereo full range mono outputs allows a single speaker to play both channels.

The SMC21 includes gold-plated RCA input and output connections, and unlike most converters, this unit utilizes an independent 1:1 ratio audio transformer for each channel to preserve signal integrity. Easy to install with no power needed, simply connect the SMC21 between the stereo source outputs and right and left inputs of the power amplifier.

An ideal solution for 70 volt and 8-ohm multi-channel projects, integrators often use this convertor with our XPA Series 70V power amplifier or our MX Series 8 ohm multi-channel amplifiers. This mono convertor is also a great solution for converting a multi-channel system into a public address audio distribution system.


  • Converts stereo input to two summed mono outputs
  • Includes gold-plated stereo RCA input and outputs
  • Independent 1:1 ratio audio transformer maintains signal integrity
  • Easy to install with no power needed
  • Ideal for converting multi-channel audio into public address distribution
  • Can be used with 70V and 8-ohm systems