OSD SS2V70 200W 70V, Twin Mono Channels



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SS2V70 200W 70V, Twin Mono Channels/Constant Voltage Systems/Dual Zone Speaker Selector, 200W/Channel

The SSV2V70 200W is a compact 70V speaker selector featuring two independent zones controlled by a 200-Watt 70V mono volume control with a rotary-style knob. Simple in form and function, this unique speaker selector borrows power from a 70V amplifier and distributes the power to twice the number of potential speakers as our current SS2V70-100 Speaker Selector. This single-source selector includes front-mounted Zone 1 and Zone 2 On/Off buttons and dual volume controls so you can listen to audio at low volume in one zone and a higher volume in another. The SS2V70 is well suited for commercial applications such as restaurants where the bar area may require higher volumes than the dining rooms. Expandable with a single 2-conductor input and a pass-through output for both zones, you can add multiple speaker selectors to be daisy-chained as your audio system requirements grow.


  • Highest power rated 2-zone 70Volt mono speaker selector in the industry at 200W per zone
  • Includes individual zone volume control with 10 steps of attenuation
  • A unique solution for larger 70V constant voltage systems
  • Each zone features an individual on/off button
  • Includes pass-thru outputs for both zones to add additional speaker selectors
  • Higher rated value allows daisy-chaining of more speakers per each zone output
  • Allows you to connect more higher-powered 70V speakers on the same speaker cable
  • For use with 70V amplifiers and speakers with no impedance protection required
  • Compact table-top design or fits inside cabinets and equipment racks.
  • Removable input/output connectors provide hassle-free hook-up.
  • Multiple speaker selectors can be daisy-chained to support up to 200 watts.
  • Compatible with 70V high-current amplifiers up to 400W
  • Accepts up to 16-gauge speaker cable
  • High-quality metal construction