OSD BTP-525 - 5.25" Bluetooth Patio Speaker Pair



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Unique Bluetooth, 5.25" Wall Mount / Patio Speaker Pair
UK Plug, Waterproof Power Supply, Black or White Speakers

The BPT-525 water-resistant wireless Bluetooth® patio speakers from OSD are the smart buys for patios, decking, pool and Garden Rooms. They're ideal for use indoors and outdoors, and they're available in black or white so you can create the perfect look for your space.

The Bluetooth® patio speakers feature a single connection for a Bluetooth® built into one of the speakers and enabled phones, tablets and even Alexa's.  The pair includes a power supply with an 8m lead as well as 3m of speaker wire so you can position the speakers to give great sound coverage of  your patio, garden room or garage. We also add innovative weather resistant connectors to guarantee a simple and protective speaker connection.

The aluminium grilles on these speakers are specially treated to be weather resistant; but for locations where corrosion is more likely to occur, like near the beach, we highly recommend applying a Clear-Coat (spray paint only, not brush) to the grills to help provide additional protection in these environments. 


Helpful tips:
1) Determine the ideal location where the Patio Speakers are not exposed directly to the elements. Note: speakers typically should be placed between 3-4m apart for proper stereo separation. 2) The Master Patio Speaker needs to be located near an 230v socket where you can connect the Power Supply to the Master Speaker in order provide the electrical current needed for the Internal Stereo Power Amplifier and Bluetooth® Receiver. 3) The Paired speaker must be connected to the Master Speaker with the 8m Speaker Cable that is supplied with the kit. The length of the speaker cable can be cut down for an exact fit but should not be extended beyond 12m