OSD BK-S80 MK2 - Reference Series On-Wall Cinema Speaker (Each)



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S80 MK2 Home Theatre Speaker, 8” Wood Fibre Woofer, Silk Tweeter, On Wall, 75 Watts RMS, Single

The S-Series from OSD Black were created to be used for home theatres in family rooms, media rooms and dedicated home theatres. The focus was on delivering high SPL levels that met or exceeded Dolby and THX reference levels but did so at an affordable price.

Perfect Timbre Matching

The S-80 uses the same tweeter and woofer as the S-81 and S-82 MK2’s. This ensures perfect timbre matching. The S-80 can be used for all channels or for surround and height channels. Typically, the LCR channels receive more of the sound than the surround or height channels, which is why the S-81 and S-82 have higher SPL capabilities. However, at 108 dB’s the max SPL of the S-80 is more than sufficient in 90% of all home theatres. Using identical speakers for all channels will result in the best overall performance.

Long Wood Fiber Cone Woofer

The 8-inch woofer’s cones are made from long wood fibre. A coarser type of paper that further reduces cone resonance, while maintaining rigidity at high SPLs, ensures pistonic air displacement and, as a result, lower distortion. The improved magnet structure uses a larger low-carbon steel magnet. A triangular “silent” spider was also introduced to attach to the pure copper edge-wound voice coil. Flat to 80Hz, -3dB at 70Hz, and -10dB at 30Hz, the 12dB-per-octave roll off is an easy match for subwoofers.

Let's Talk Crossovers

Custom-designed and -built crossovers, 2nd Order, 12dB per octave crossover, higher-quality air-core chokes with 100% oxygen-free copper windings, 5% resistors and polypropylene/metal film German capacitors are used in the elegantly laid out and highly refined crossovers. All soldering uses Japanese silver solder for better conductivity.


  • Reference Sound Pressure Levels: 108dB means these speakers are capable of delivering commercial theatre sound levels
  • Custom Designed and Built Crossovers: 2nd Order, 12dB per Octave Crossover. Air-core chokes with 100% oxygen free copper windings, 5% resistor and polypropylene/metal film German capacitors ensures super low distortion
  • Timbre/Voice Matched S Series LCR's: Identical Tweeter and woofers ensures a perfect match for the S-Series LCR's and makes them the ideal choice for surround and height speakers
  • Shallow 6.2" Deep: Enclosure can be, unobtrusively, wall mounted next to, beneath, or behind a screen
  • 8-Inch Long Wood Fibre Woofers: Long fibre inter-weave woofer cone ensures low distortion even at high SPLs