Speaker Snap Banana Plugs - 1 Pair


Speaker Snap

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Speaker connections done in a SNAP#
1 Pair / 2 Connectors

Looking to save time on your installs?
Other audio connectors are a hassle and time-consuming. Speaker Snap is the solution, using patent pending technology to make a secure fit... quick! Hook up massive audio systems in no time with our professional tools for a strong, flexible connection.

The Speaker Snap connector use a patent pending lever to make a secure connection – no set screw required! The powerful spring and gold-plated plug lock the wire in place for a solid electrical connection. They support 12-24 AWG wire without the need for multiple products or fittings. Speaker Snap banana plugs are a must-have timesaver for every A/V installer.

 Preparing cables for Speaker Snaps is easy:
 Just lift the little yellow lever.
 Strip your cable (6-12mm / 1/4”-1/2”)
 Insert it into the connector.
 SNAP the yellow lever down.
 And you’re DONE!