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System Audio
An award-winning speaker brand from Denmark, founded in 1984

When you choose SA, you don’t get cheap sound in your living room.
What you do get are thoroughly tested speakers with a great sound.

 A different idea about sound and technology

In a world where technologies and truths come and go like mayflies, the System Audio loudspeakers are based on a number of long-life ideas that last longer than the conventional technological fashion that will be forgotten tomorrow.

The sound is the most important thing for a loudspeaker. But the loudspeaker is against the natural laws like no of the other components in a system. In an amplifier, a DVD or a CD the signal consists of electrons that move very precisely and fast. But in loudspeaker membranes that move create the sound. The membranes of the loudspeaker weigh much more than electrons and this is one of the reasons why the sound loses a great deal of its precision in a loudspeaker. You might say that the loudspeaker is the slowest component in a system.

Faster is better
A System Audio speaker is much faster than a conventional loudspeaker, because we use smaller and more lightweight membranes that weigh a quarter of normal piece of paper or less. A conventional speaker membrane weighs at least twice as much. Imagine what the speed means to the sound you hear.

Better sound
Lightweight membranes react incredibly fast and reveal myriads of sound details, for which a big membrane is simply too heavy. Therefore the bass will never become boomy, the instruments sound clear and dynamic. It is easy to understand, what people sing or say. It is a more natural experience. Better sound and speed are not only a benefit for a certain kind of music, but any kind of music or sound track.

Better dispersion of the sound
A smaller loudspeaker membrane has by nature a better sound dispersion than a big membrane. Therefore you do not need to sit right in front of the speakers to enjoy the sound. You will have good sound all around the room.

Easy to integrate
The System Audio loudspeakers are made to function in the acoustics of the room and even use the acoustic to their own benefit and can be placed close to the walls of the room. The co-operation between loudspeaker and amplifier is important to obtain good sound. Therefore a System Audio is a so-called ”easy load” to the amplifier of the system. In practice, this means that the loudspeakers can be used with any quality system.