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Home Shop Brands P-Z Totem Acoustics - Speakers & Bars

The vision at Totem is to give you the music, the whole music and nothing but the music. As people, we want to feel alive. We want to feel the beat and inherent rhythm of life. That’s why we go way beyond engineering gimmickry to deliver the heart and honesty of music.

On an intuitively technological level, they are constantly driven to go further and further in our understanding of acoustic laws and sound reproduction.

Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm to our day-to-day experiences. It washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul. It’s an explosive expression of our humanity. Music is magically a beacon to light our way. This Totem understand.

TRIBE On Wall : The TRIBE on wall range is fabulously detailed and perfectly proportioned product. giving extraordinary audio reproduction from one of the slimmest wall speakers available, offering a wonderous sound, full of rich texture and refinement. with world-leading on- and off-axis dispersion and frequency range.

TRIBE In-Wall : An all-enclosed casing and meticulously designed. The Tribe In-Wall speakers realise the legendary imaging Totem are so well known for. Staggering off-axis performance, astounding full-range musicality, with grandiose awe-inspiring sound. Wholly redefining in-wall/in-ceiling performance and imaging standards.     

KIN/KIN In-Wall : Deftly able to turn its hand to a broad scope of musical genres, the KIN range has Totem’s unmistakeable signature sound, precision and audio prestige. Delivering a trancendant presence in the mid and high frequencies with a finely detailed musicality.

TRIBE TRIO/DUO SOLUTION BARS : Tribe Solution sound-bars epitomize how people crave the sound in their room to look. Sleek, classy and with bags of appeal, The TRIO/DUO’s audio potential defies visual expectations. Intelligent and resourceful attention to detail in the design process overcoming acoustic and Bass Solutions:

TRIBE SOLUTION SUB : Extensively flexible in its placement, the In-room Tribe Sub can be used in any direction, horizontal, vertical, straight or flat on its back. It can even be slipped under  the couch. All while still delivering sensational performance and extraordinarily impressive low end extension.

KIN IN-ROOM ACTIVE SUB : Wrapped into an extremely compact size, the KIN Sub and KIN SUB 10 has the ability to output a surprisingly substantial and weighty performance from such a small footprint. Really coming into its own as bass enhancement for music systems needing that extra extension. Equally as perfect for Desk top duty or as part of a full scale system offering superb timing in its bass support for both music and film.