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Our trade division is your partner in reducing costs and making you install life easier.

Looking for Trade Products - Hover on the TRADE HUB Tab at the top, right of this page to see our trade ranges. Don't forget to log in first, to be able to see your pricing.

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Welcome, trade friends, to your dedicated sign-up page for access to industry specific, Trade Pricing. If there is anything missing, you need sourcing or you need support on, within our ranges, please feel free to give us a call. 

With the Dollar Exchange Rate and Freight Costs still running at close to its all-time-high and our very real cost of living crisis, we are following the dollar very closely and doing our very best to keep our prices down.

Fortunately we are a small team with low overheads, so we can remain agile and track our import costs weekly. Ensuring you the very best prices for your projects. All prices on our website are Live RRP's from which your Trade Buy is automatically calculated, inc VAT. 


NextLevel Acoustics - Ultra thin, passive sound bars and SONOS Arc enclosure

OSD Speakers - In Ceiling, In Wall, Atmos, On Wall Speaker range.

OSD Garden - In Garden & Outdoor speaker range.

OSD Electronics - Multi Channel, Power & Sub Amps, + Streamers.

Speaker Snap - The worlds fastest, simplest Banana Plug.

CI / AV / Smarthome / Electrical & Security Installers : Sign up for access to trade pricing.

If you are new to the AV/CI industry, don't worry, we are here to help! We love an industry chat and will be here if you need any design support a project, helping spec kit, whether we supply it or not.

If an OSD or Speaker Snap product isn't shown in stock, don't worry & let us know. If it is available in the USA, we can collect from the warehouse any day of the week and it is usually here within 4-5days. Even better if we collect on a Friday, it can be here on Monday Morning!! (order must be placed by 12pm Thursday)

For NextLevel Acoustics, contact us before ordering and we can work with you on the specifics of your requirement. All their soundbars and enclosures are custom made and take 5-6weeks to be delivered to us. We then check them over before sending them on to you.

So who are we?
Well, with almost 60 years joint experience in the CI / AV Trade, Mark and Chris may well be known to you already. We have known each other for almost 20 years and have both worked for Installers, Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors at some point over the years. So we like to think we know Install, the industry and how you want to work. Which why we have ended up here, supplying and supporting you with kit we would want to use. 

Chris has run his own CI and Smart Home Services company for the last 12years, installing some unique projects and properties. Covid brought its challenges, but it also created AmericanAudioCo as a unique retail ecommerce channel and he is continuing to build both the online retail and trade divisions, to represent some great American brands. 

Mark currently splits his time between being the Tech & Media Manager for AmericanAudioCo and Mac1Sound, where his is an independent Sound Recordist & sound editor working for Indi Films, Commercial Productions and TV Studios. Being a THX Certified Professional truly makes him unique, understanding the whole signal chain from microphone through post production, to speaker.

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Since releasing Web Quotes in early 2022, they have mastered the "interactive quote" where your customers can view, customise and accept your quote straight from their phone.

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AmercianAudioCo does not earn from our link to WeQuote, they just provide a great tool for our industry and we think it offers a unique service to the CI / AV Installers.