When Emotiva started, they had one goal: to offer exceptionally designed, high performance products at prices that more people could afford and enjoy. Emotiva asked a simple question: “Why can’t we have amazing audio and video sound at prices that don’t threaten our mortgage?” As high-end audio chased an ever-shrinking market with ever-more-costly gear, the price of sonic nirvana shot out of reach. New enthusiasts shook their heads and thought, “You know, a soundbar and a receiver may not be that bad.” At the same time high-end audio prices were climbing, Dan Laufman and his team were helping some of the best names in audio manufacture their gear. Dan saw the inefficiencies in the system and the ever-climbing prices, and decided to do something about it.

Emotiva is a company comprised of true audio enthusiasts, engineers, and product specialists. We run a lean organization without excess overhead and redundant levels of management. Everyone in the company, from the engineering team, to the manufacturing group, to the support staff, has your ultimate home entertainment experience in mind. This is what makes Emotiva different from many other home entertainment manufacturers. Our people are passionate enthusiasts who enjoy the experience of using Emotiva products equally as much as designing and building them. Bottom line: We love the home entertainment experience as much as you do. When we are not designing and building Emotiva products, we are more than likely at home enjoying them with our families and friends.

The Amplifier: Boosts your Preamp/Processor Signal to Match the Power of Loudspeakers    An amplifier takes the signal coming from each channel of a preamp or processor and boosts it so it can power loudspeakers. For most systems, you will need one amplifier channel for each speaker connected.    We, like most audiophiles, agree that an amplifier should do nothing more than boost the signal, without adding any sound of its own. That’s what we design Emotiva’s to do.   Modern amps are typically “power amps,” which means they don’t have many controls - simply a power switch, and maybe an input selector. These include our A-300, A-500, and A-700 amps.   Higher-end amplifiers, including our XPA and XPA-DR models, offer both balanced and unbalanced inputs, and have a trigger input so they can be switched on and off remotely by your preamp or processor. 

The Preamp/Processor: AKA Pre/Pro - the Command Center of your Surround Sound System The preamp/processor functions as the command center for a surround sound system (different from a preamp alone, which is for stereo systems). Pre/pros do a lot: select which video source to watch and which audio source to listen to, provide the decoding for encoded digital surround sound sources, and include features like tone controls, manual equalization, and automatic room correction. Since the pre/pro is the component that controls your system and handles all of the audio processing, it is critical to the overall performance and sound quality of your system. Our processors are designed specifically to have superb audiophile sound quality and to be easy to operate over placing undue emphasis on complicated features and bells and whistles.

The Preamp: the Command Center of your Stereo System The preamp is the command center of your stereo system (different from a pre/pro, which controls surround sound systems) and has a major influence on how your system sounds. Preamp select which audio source to listen to and provide you with useful features like tone controls. Most stereo preamps have fewer features than surround-sound processors (aka pre/pros), placing more emphasis on sound quality and analog audio performance. Audiophile preamps, like our XSP-1, have both balanced and unbalanced analog inputs. If your power amps have balanced inputs, you will get the most benefit by choosing a preamp with balanced outputs. Others, like our PT-100, also include one or more digital inputs, and still others also feature a phono input (a special type of input that accepts the direct input from a turntable for playing vinyl albums).

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