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September - 'tis the month to be exhibiting!
3 Different shows in 4 weeks!
OSD Audio Launch to the Trade at EI Live 2022
KLH Model 3 - First time shown in the UK at the UK Audio Show
HalterTechnical UK Launch with our AmericanAudioPro brand at the IPS Pro Audio Show. 

Three really successful shows, all different, all incredibly enjoyable 

March - Three New Brands in the stable
We excited to announce that we are the new distribution and retail agent for the amazing range from OSD Audio & OSD Black ranges. The driver for bringing these back to the UK was the amazing Black range of angled In-Ceiling speakers. With the whole driver canted 15 degrees they are a perfect solution for discrete, In-Ceiling LCR or Atmos duties. Available as cost effective, single, twin or quad packs as well as their sister in-wall and standard in-ceiling ranges, the 63 and 83 ranges are amazing performance for their cost. Watch this space for more from OSD's 1000+ Product range. 

Cool products from AC-Infinityquite literally. Keeping your kit cool can be a real challenge for some, either because amps and processors naturally run hot or the aesthetics of the room demand that they sit in an enclosure. AC-Infinity are the leaders in quiet, good looking extract fans, with the Aircom Range offering Top, Rear or Front Exhaust options.   

HalterTechnical are the first of our dedicated 'PRO' products to launch in the UK. Designed exclusively for the TV and Film industry these monitor headphones are specifically for those that need to hear what is being recorded on-set. Whether that is Director, Scrip Supervisor, Camera Crew these super comfy, high quality IFB monitors are designed to support the Sound Recordist by just doing what they do with minimal fuss and complication.

Jan 2022 - Its looking good already
The start of another year, our 2nd full year in business and we have exciting things happening. Five new brands joining us throughout Q1 and a new division launching to cater for the PRO and Content-Creator markets (think YouTube, Insta and TikTok).

On the Retail / Home Cinema side, lets start with a biggie for the year, the MONOLITH ENCORE RANGE HAS ARRIVED!!!
Launched late last year in the USA during an AV Summit we attended, Monoprice announced a serious fighter in the mid-range cinema speaker range. The Encore range has a big industry designer with more that a few top brands behind him and this mid range speaker group is taking US Reviewers by storm. 
Look out for our own reviews and hopefully a AV Forums review as well. 

Really! 1 Year Old! July 2021 and what a year it has been!
We are well ahead of where we expected or even planned to be and that all thanks to you, our customers and supporters. Products continue to want to be part of what we have created and we have some exciting plans for our 2nd year, with more manufacturers, more competitions and a property move with demo space and listening rooms!

So, as a thank you we have a weekend of Birthday (and 4th of July) Discounts running from the 2nd - 5th July and a competition to win one of four SoundCast VG1's Bluetooth, Portable, Waterproof Speakers. 

WOW - 6 Months into 2021!
How is everyone else coping? 
So here is a quick re-cap of 2021 for AAC so far!
4 Product Launches - From SVS (2), KLH and Velodyne.
3 New Manufacturers - Primaire, System Audio and JBL joining us in Q2/3
Monoliths in (and back out) - Sold over 25% of Monoprices Monolith total EU Sub Stock.  
Exclusive Discussion - Brands are starting to talk to us about UK representation.
Mega Months - Our first £20K turnover month happened.

And we still haven't had our first birthday yet!
(more about that later in the month)

How is it November already!
Despite the issues we have had throughout the year, it has come round so fast! So this is Thanks Giving Month, the American celebration that gave us Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the deals are already starting to line up.

KLH have a £400 savings on a pair of Quincy Floor Standers and £300 on a Cambridge Pair. Then we have our own KLH 5.1 bundles that give some truly stunning savings.See here

SVS have a close out (American for End-Of-Line) deal on the original 2000 series, down to £699 for the Sealed and £749 for the Ported version. See More

We are also putting together our own Vinyl /Stereo, Surround Sound and Atmos Sound packages throughout November and December, so remember to check out our Deals & Packages page for these kits.

However, we fear that AVR's and Processors will be come harder to find in the coming months. The combind impact of COVID19 induced stock & component supply issues as well as the current 8K HDMI Bug and major fire at a DAC chipset manufacturer are all pointing to delays in manufacturing and supply.

Oct 2020
Industry News -
For the past five years, Anthem products have set a benchmark for others to follow by delivering tremendous performance for the money. During that time, Anthem has evolved them into something even better. At the enad of October Anthem introduced us all to the new Gen2 MRX 540, 740 and 1140 A/V Receivers; AVM 70 and 90 A/V Processors; and MCA 225, 325 and 525 Power Amplifiers. UK Stock is due December, but at the moment we dont know if this will be delaid due to the 8K Chipset bug, detailed below.

Oct 2020
Industry News -
So to hot topic at the moment (other than lockdown and Black Friday) seems to be the new 8K HDMI Chipsets that can not cope with the formats that the PS5 and new XBox will be using! The bigger problem is that is there seems to be only one manunfacturer, that the AVR / Processor manufactures have all used, that is having the problem. This is doubling the supply problems that COVID has already created, so we are likely to see quite a few NO STOCK issues on the run up to Christmas and beyond. We would hope that these issues can be fixed with a firmware update, but as yet there is little info available.

Sept 2020
Store News -
The Hot news is we have exclusive access to the MONOLITH THX Range from Monoprice. With our first batch arriving very late in the month and allocations already meaning we only have two 15" Ported Subwoofers available, we are excited to be bringing this range to the UK for the very first time.

August 2020
Store News -
Denon, Marantz & Definitive Technology are joining us. These three great brands are coming on-board which is a great result for us. Now we can put together some System Packs where you dont need to worry about at thing, Everything you need will be in there.

Site News - We have a winner!! Over 220 of you entered our competition to with a SVS SB1000 Subwoofer, but unfortunately there can only be one winner! Our independant verifier Mr Tom Westerland - Head Chef at the newly opened Crockers Henley (which we fitted out) made the draw and it can be seen on our youtube channel here - Well done to Andrew Wilson.

July 2020
Store News -
Watch out! The Canadian's are coming! Plus a rather exciting brand is coming back to the market with some rather cool new products, due late summer and we will have it!!

Site News - Have you seen our un-boxing video? The Klipsch 'The Fives' feature in our first, socially distanced, unboxing video. See it now over on our Reviews & Media page.

Store News -
AudioQuest are joining us! This market leading, award winning cable manufacturer is joining our store! Our first order? That will be all our demo cables so we can produce our how-to YouTube videos. We will feature the most common ranges from the WhatHifi Speaker Cables through to their amazing HDMIs and Digital Interconnects and DACs, but the whole range is available to us if you want something specific.

Site News - The first of many! Our first product intro is up on our new YouTube channel. This an intro to our competition give-a-way this month, the amazing little SVS SB1000 Subwoofer. See our Media and Reveiws page, here.

F1 News - Fabulous result for Lando Norris and the Klipsch sponsored, Mclaren F1 team at the Red Bull Ring (Austria) this weekend, 4th/5th July. P4 in qualifying (bumped up to P3) and then a P3 Podium on race day. Not bad for the (Finally) first race of the season.That gives us an idea, watch this space.............

Store News - Launching 4th July 2020 - Covid19 has a lot to answer for, but one positive is that we have had the time to build and launch the American Audio Company. It has been a concept for a good couple of years but now we hope to build from here expanding our ranges, solutions and packages with our suppliers both old and new.

Product News  - Klipsch release the awesome The Fives, active bookshelf speakers. Loads of different inputs including Bluetooth, Phono (Line Level or MM for record decks) and HDMI ARC!!! Could this be the perfect antidote to crap soundbars??

June 2020
Store News -
Klipsch are joining us! Long loved in the HiFi and Entertainment industry we are very pleased to anounce that the whole range of Klipsch electronics, headphones and speakers will be available from Amercian Audio Co. With a number of exciting, upcoming additions to thier range it will be a very positive time for them to join us.

Product News  - Golden Ear Technologies's new bookshelf speakers the BRX gets amazing youtube reviews on both sides of the pond, from Darko and Audiophiliac as well as featuring in Sound & Vision's Best Buy for April 2020

Product News - Sonos release their new soundbar - the ARC has an array of speakers front, side and up firing sound. This is coupled with two new apps, S1 for legacy hardware and S2 (just called SONOS) for current and new product launches.

May 2020
Product News
- Monitor Audio's new music streamer as a 4 Channel / Zone box it is ideal for simple multi-room / area applications and uses the impressive BlueOS streaming standard and app.


Industry News  - Covid19 has caused a lot of issues in the industry, the most significant at the moment is the early discussions between Bowers & Wilkins and SoundUnited (Denon & Marrantz Parent) on the sale of the B&W brand.