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This is our Reviews and Social Media page where you will find a broad range of links from our product reviews and how to YouTube videos. For specific manufacturer information on our brands please visit the specific pages we have set up for them. 

You can also join our UK focused facebook groups, meet like minded owners, ask for peer support or the collective knowledge of the group. Some are also supported by our manufacturer support and media teams. 

GoldenEarTechnology UK Owners Group

SVS UK Owners Group

Emotiva UK Owners Group

As we find them, we will also add YouTube product reviews and 101's (Introduction To) videos produced by some of the respected channels in the industry. JohnDarko's channel is an amazing starting point and we have links to his channel and those episodes that are either great 101's or Reviews of the products we offer.

AmericanAudio Channel

New Product Alert!
Unboxing Video of the NEW Klipsch 'the fives' - the first in the UK. (3.22mins)

These are available from UK stock now, see the product page for more details - Klipsch - 'The Fives, The Soundbar Killers'

Product Reviews
SVS SB1000 Subwoofer (1.37mins)
(You can win this actual Sub, worth over £500.00, just by registering for our newsletter)


JohnDarko Channel

101 & Basics Episodes
Back to Basics 1 - Music Streaming (7.40min)
Back to Basics 2 - Music Servers and Network Streamers (9.40min)
Back to Basics 3 - DAC's (11.30min)
Beginner Audiophile - 8 things to ignore (11.30mins)


Product Reviews
GoldenEar BRX Review (19.17mins)
Bluesound PowerNode 2i (18.15mins)