OSD BOM4.1.2 - 8" Bluetooth Garden Sub/Sat System



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Exceptional Garden Music Experience with OSD's BOM4.1.2 Bluetooth Sub, Amplifier and Speaker Outs.

Your next BBQ will rock with OSD's BOM4.1.2 Bluetooth® enabled outdoor subwoofer/satellite system. This amazing audio system includes a 4.1 digital amplifier and provides connections for additional outdoor speakers for a true, acoustically balanced outdoor audio experience that literally seems to follow you around the garden.

The hub of the system is a 8” subwoofer enclosure providing  a 360-degree omni directional audio design for easy placement, and being Bluetooth® enabled, you don’t need to run wire from your audio source to the subwoofer. Simply power it up and pair it with your tablet, phone or even Alexa! for wireless control of your music library or streaming services.

Two stereo outputs and a separate digital amplifier allow you to connect two additional pairs of landscape speakers or satellite speakers for full coverage and maximum enjoyment. Designed with all-weather components including an IP67-rated power supply that is protected against hot, cold and wet climates, this durable outdoor subwoofer includes an antique brown/bronze cabinet that blends effortlessly into gardens and mature landscapes. 

Beyond Bass and Bluetooth®
Building your system around a dedicated powered subwoofer can pump up an outdoor sound system to surprising levels because the subwoofer creates the foundation for a complete outdoor audio experience. A subwoofer is a dedicated bass speaker designed to handle the low frequency effects in audio systems and is the .1 in a 2.1, 4.1, 5.1 or higher surround sound system. In addition to delivering those performance enhancing bass notes, a subwoofer allows other speakers in your configuration to work within the frequency ranges they were designed to, producing sound more efficiently. The result is a far more balanced and richer sound. so the next time you’re in the hot tub, garden or pool, the music will conquer the ambient noise without deafening the neighbours.

What Is IP67 Rated? 
If you’re investing in an outdoor speaker, be sure that claims of waterproof or water resistance are backed up with an IP rating. IP67 is an International Protection Rating given to products that meet certain criteria. The BOM4.1.2 includes an IP67 rated power supply that is 100% protected against solid objects like dirt, dust and sand and has been tested to work for at least 30 minutes after being immersed in water. This is important in gardens with pools and sprinklers where splashes can damage or short out the power supply.

Bluetooth® Flexibility
Every environment is different, but we've tested our outdoor Bluetooth® subwoofer unobstructed up to 75 feet and receive a clear audio signal. Your environment may have trees and other factors that can limit Bluetooth® transmission but line-of-sight transmission is generally between 35 and 75 feet, and pairing takes only a few minutes. Be sure the Bluetooth®  device and the speakers are turned on and fully powered or fully charged. Bluetooth® controls are typically found in the device's Setting or Connections menu. The speakers will output a Bluetooth® Sync code that will be received by the Bluetooth® device and settings such as volume, mute, etc., are controlled directly from your phone, tablet or other Bluetooth® enabled device.