OSD ACE650 - Kevlar In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)



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6.5"  Composite Woofer Trim-less Thin Bezel 2-Way Ceiling Speaker

The Architectural Ceiling Element (ACE) Trim-less Series of ceiling speakers are ideal for new construction or retrofit. These elegant, flush mounted speakers blend effortlessly into any room interior and offer outstanding audio performance. The secret behind these stealthy speakers are the micro flange grilles attached by extremely powerful magnets that stay put for quick and easy installation.

With almost double the shelf life of foam, butyl rubber is the choice of speaker designers. Butyl rubber allows the use of unique cone materials (Made-with-Kevlar® & mineral composites). Butyl Rubber also gives the speaker more excursion capability featuring a deeper bass with a wider frequency response, and its shelf life is closer to 25 years compared to the foam at 12 to 15 years.