BK-SC800D Passive, In Wall Subwoofer



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In-Wall Dual Drive Passive Subwoofer with Sealed Enclosure, 8" & 10" Woofers (Requires Sub Amp)

Our SC800D is a passive in-wall subwoofer with an 8' polypropylene woofer and a 10" passive radiator to give you the richest low frequency response (bass) in the most compact package. This slim in-wall sub fills in the low notes missing from your movies and music and enhances overall sound quality without taking up any of your floor space. The SC800D includes the active 8' polypropylene woofer that produce clear, full bass tones while a 10' passive radiator enhances frequency response and gives you the most distortion-free sound. The SC800D is capable of handling up to 300 Watts of power so it can be paired with a robust amplifier. The perfect DIY weekend project, this in-wall sub has a paintable frame and grille to blend into any room.


  • Fills in LFE missing from your home theatre or audio system 
  • 300W power handling for big bass sound in a compact package 
  • Polypropylene woofer for excellent low frequencies 
  • Passive radiator design for low vibration and distortion 
  • Easy to install with included template 
  • Paintable frame and grille blends in any room

Advantages of Passive Radiator Technology
The SC800D incorporates a passive radiator that offers advantages over ported designed speakers. A speaker with a passive radiator increases the low frequency response by absorbing the woofer's energy and reducing its motion (and vibration). Passive radiator speakers can be designed in a smaller enclosure, which is ideal for in-wall applications where space is limited, and vibration must be controlled.

Do I Need a Subwoofer Amplifier?
Yes! The SC800D is a passive subwoofer and needs a subwoofer amplifier to power it. An ideal match is our SMP-300 which is rated at 500W peak power and 250W continuous RMS.