Deep Blue Subwoofer



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|SpeVelodyne’s new DB line is a totally new product from the ground up. It features new amps and drivers with an ultra-rigid cabinet with 50mm thick front baffle. DB line brings high performance in an amazingly compact package. Those who remember how good the Velodyne SPLMK11 was will love the new DB line.

Available in 8”, 10”, 12” and 15” these new DB subwoofer line-up is the predecessor of the successful SPL I series, a very small form factor closed box design.

The completely new rigidly braced MDF closed box design with a front firing woofer for impacting performance without any noise from the cabinet. Due to this small form factor it is easy to integrate into you listening set up. A high excursion driver with massive dual ferrite magnet and optimized internal motor technology, using a 4 layer voice coil for maximum output with extremely low distortion, following the Velodyne Acoustics design principles. Superior bass quality, for a deeper, more accurate bass performance. Line-level and speaker-level inputs let you connect this sub to just about any home audio system.

You can use the variable crossover and phase control to fine-tune the sub's output, so the bass will blend in perfectly with the mid's and high's coming from your main speakers, tailor the sub's low-frequency response to the acoustics of your room.


Deep Blue 8                                                            Deep Blue 10
8” Sealed Subwoofer                                               10” Sealed Subwoofer 
Frequency Response                                              Frequency Response
18 - 300 Hz (overall)                                                 16 - 280 Hz (overall)
32 - 180 Hz (± 3dB)                                                  28 - 180 Hz (± 3dB)

Deep Blue 12                                                          Deep Blue 15
12” Sealed Subwoofer                                             15” Sealed Subwoofer
Frequency Response                                              Frequency Response
15 - 250 Hz (overall)                                                13 - 200 Hz (overall)
26 - 140 Hz (± 3dB)                                                 23 - 120 Hz (± 3dB)