Elite Series - Sonos Arc Enclosure


NextLevel Acoustics

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The ONLY Sonos ARC enclosure that maintains Atmos, Rear and TRUEPLAY Performance!

The Elite Series for the Sonos® Arc, created by the master sound engineers at Next Level Acoustics, combines all of the aesthetics and build quality you have come to expect from a NextLevel Acoustics enclosures with the unique benefit of using the Sonos architecture and preserving the Arc's Atmos performance.

With the upward-firing Atmos speakers within the Sonos Arc, a flush installation would cause the soundwaves to be impeded by the underside of the display making Atmos performance nearly impossible to acheive.

The Elite Series solves this issue by using a precisely calculated grooved acoustic reflector panel that directs the upward-firing speaker’s soundwaves out and up of the forward-facing grille, allowing for unobstructed Atmos functionality.  Not only will you be able to achieve a fully integrated, flush installation, but you will also keep the integrity of any Atmos performance while doing so.

That is a Win / Win in our book.

(Sonos Arc NOT included)