Fusion Frame Slim **for 2021/22 Samsung Frame TV's**


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The ONLY Sound Bar with under 1.3" of exposed depth. The perfect solution for the new 1″ deep Samsung Frame TV. 

(Custom built to order - Payment with order, Delivery 5-6weeks)

The Fusion Frame Slim, created by the master engineers at NextLevel Acoustics is the perfect audio solution for the new 2021/2022 ultra-thin Samsung “The Frame” televisions. At only 1.25″ of exposed depth, this soundbar not only blends into the aesthetics of the Frame TV, but also delivers audio reproduction far larger than its form factor.  Also available in Stereo and Centre Channel configurations, as well as for 50″ displays and below. Please note that 50″ and smaller displays are only available as a Stereo or Centre Channel.

What makes the Fusion Frame Slim so special?
Thanks to their proprietary convex drivers, the Fusion Frame Slim offers superior sound in an amazingly small package. With an exposed depth of just 1.25” (after sinking the other half inch into your drywall), this Frame TV soundbar barely surpasses the physical dimensions of the Frame TVs overall depth while taking its sonic capabilities to the Next Level!

This revolutionary Samsung Frame audio solution not only provides room-filling dynamics and top-quality sound but does so in a way to not detract from the aesthetics of the display which is the main reason why you purchased the Frame TV in the first place. This is due to NextLevels attention to detail on the framing that wraps around the soundbar, as well as its ability to mount flush to the wall using their proprietary zero-gap system. As a result, this allows the Frame TVs amazing images to take centre stage while ensuring that the Fusion Frame Slim plays its role as the perfect compliment. The Fusion Frame Slim comes standard Black / Black frame and grill option as standard, with the cost option of a White grill and White, Walnut/Brown, and Teak frames. For that really unique solution NextLevel are able to offer a custom paint match and grille cloth fabric options, allowing the Fusion Frame Slim complements any décor.

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Fusion Frame Slim Features

  • Ultra-low 1.25″ of exposed depth
  • 1.75″ of total air-load depth
  • Hybrid on-wall / in-wall design
  • Flush collar system
  • Extraordinary acoustical dynamics and clarity
  • Proprietary driver and crossover configuration
  • Seamless framed finish to mimic the Samsung “The Frame” aesthetics
  • Black acoustic mesh grille standard (additional options available)
  • 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″ (Stereo) / 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″ (LCR) / Also available as a dedicated center channel upon request
  • 50″ and smaller sizes available upon request (Stereo or Centre Only)

This is a custom made item, taking 5-6 weeks for manufacture and delivery from the USA. Payment is required in advance and can not / will not be refunded once your order has been placed with the factory. This usually happens within 24hr of the order being placed with us.