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**NEW** Microsone - Discrete Audio Monitoring System


Microsone Launch Video - April 2022

In today's world of ultra-high resolution cameras and increased tv screen sizes, the audience can see more now than ever. That's why it's important for the viewer to ignore the technical equipment and get lost in the entertainment.

At the heart of the Discreet Audio Monitoring System is the Microsone, the world's smallest rechargeable bluetooth earbud, designed to fit comfortably in ears of all sizes. When hidden in the wearer's ear canal, even those closest won't know it's there. 

The Microsone is built durable and solid, with no buttons, dials, or spinning doors. Its built-in rechargeable lithium battery means reliability, with no fussing around with disposable hearing aid batteries. 

Using the ChargeCase, you'll always know that you have a full battery, and a second Microsone charged up and ready for action. You like to be prepared and we like to help you be there.

If the Microsone is the heart of the Discreet Audio Monitoring System, then the ControlPack is the brains. By creating a brand new class of transceiver belt-pack, an entire world of flexibility and features opens up to users.

Thanks to the simple-to-use volume knob, the user doesn't need a sound technician to raise or lower their Microsone's volume. And as the sound around them changes, a little twist of the knob keeps the wearer in control.

The ControlPack is capable of receiving audio from any analogue VHF or UHF transmitter, so you can use your existing equipment. Programming it doesn't require any extra equipment, which makes working on set a breeze.

The ControlPack can be worn directly on the talent, or just placed conveniently nearby them. With no external antennas or wires necessary, it's simple to hide and since it drops right into your current system, it works for you rather than you working for it.

That's what power is all about.