Monolith THX-265B Bookshelf & Atmos Speakers (Each)



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The Monolith THX® Speaker Series has been engineered to deliver the highest level of accuracy and reproduce all the dynamics and detail of the best home theater soundtracks and music. Each speaker has been THX certified, ensuring optimal frequency response, dispersion, and low distortion. THX certification ensures that the sound from the speaker is as the audio engineer intended. The THX-265B features an up firing, Atmos® enabled driver, to take advantage of today's modern film soundtracks. Premium drivers, THX certification, a sophisticated crossover network, and an HDF cabinet ensure that you've never experience home theater sound this dynamic, detailed, or immersive.

High Excursion Woofer. Silk Dome Midrange. Silk Dome Tweeter.
Featuring carefully selected drivers that deliver a flat frequency response in the listening window, the THX-265B features a 6.5" woofer and a 1" silk dome tweeter. The 6.5" high excursion woofer features a long fiber pulp cone, NBR surround, and feature shorting rings to keep distortion at a minimum. The combined driver design enables the speaker to reach sonic heights and deliver accurate sound for the best in home theater dynamics and detail.

The THX® speaker series feature carefully selected fourth order Linkwitz-Riley crossover network acoustic filters. This sophisticated crossover minimizes sonic frequency overlap, reduces distortion, and is an excellent choice to minimize off axis response errors near the crossover frequency.

High Density Fiberboard. High Quality Binding Posts. Magnetic grille.
Each speaker cabinet is built with HDF, not MDF material. HDF is better damped than MDF, resulting in a sonically inert cabinet. Internal bracing has been strategically placed inside to limit unwanted cabinet resonance that could color the sound. Each speaker is outfitted with high quality dual binding posts, one for the Atmos® driver, and one for normal speaker operation.