OSD NERO XA7180 7Ch Home Cinema Power Amp (UK/EU Spec)

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7 Channel Home Cinema Power Amplifier (UK/EU SPEC)
165W(rms)/All Channels @8 Ohms, Class H 

OSD's NERO XA7180 is a powerful 7-zone multi-channel amplifier that delivers enhanced power to 7.1 home theatre surround sound system AVRs. Weighing in at 65 pounds / 30kg, this formidable amp uses seven separate amplifiers in the single chassis. This means that the speakers in your 7.1 configuration (left, centre, right, sides, and rears) receive their own dedicated power source & signal rather than having to share your AVR’s power with other speakers. When paired with equally exceptional speakers like the OSD Black series of in-wall and in-ceiling surround sound speakers, you’ll hear every sonic nuance of an orchestra and experience suspension of disbelief while watching the latest spy thriller. Our XA Series of multi-channel amps does more than just amplify a signal, however. Each amplifier includes advanced circuitry that cleans up power to reduce noise such as hum as well as improve overall sound quality. We also designed the Nero XA7180 with two advanced heat sinks that allow the amp to run cooler without the need for noisy fans. Add this amp to your component chain with a great set of speakers and experience enhanced reality in your surround sound experience.

Advanced Class H Hybrid Amplifier Technology
The XA71800 is a Class H amplifier that combines the benefits of Class A/B in a more efficient package. Class H amplifiers are a variation of Class A/B amps but include high voltage and low voltage rails to modulate power consumption. When power is running high, the amp switches to the high voltage rails. When the amp is running low, it switches to the low voltage rails. Many audiophiles recommend Class H because these amps can reduce dissipation across the output devices and allow the amp to operate with an optimized efficiency, regardless of output power level. This makes Class H amps a great choice for environmentally conscious customers, using less power than class A or AB amps.

Flexible Connection Options
The XA7180 high current home theatre amplifier includes both balanced and unbalanced inputs for more flexible installation options and cable runs. XLR inputs (balanced) include a ground wire, which makes it a good choice for long cable runs, while unbalanced (RCA) provides a more reliable signal on shorter runs.