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Monolith™ by Monoprice™
16" THX Ultra Certified 2000 Watt Powered Subwoofer
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The Monolith™ 16" THX® Certified Ultra 2000‑Watt Powered Subwoofer sets the standard for bass output, low distortion, and reference level bass. A newly designed 16" driver coupled with a DSP controlled, 2000‑watt RMS, 3800+‑watt peak power amplifier, brings a new dimension in low frequency, bass performance to any home theatre system.

THX® Certified Ultra
THX® engineers completed hundreds of different scientific tests to ensure the highest audio performance possible. The tests ensure the speaker can reach the high volumes necessary to achieve THX Reference Level without creating audible distortion or artefacts. THX® Certified Ultra products are for large sized rooms, up to 3,000 cubic feet in size, with a 10‑12 foot viewing distance from the screen.

16" Woofer
The Monolith™ 16" driver was developed from the ground up, with a design focus on achieving output, accuracy, dynamics, and linearity, while minimizing distortion. Enclosed in a cabinet made from HDF material, massive internal bracing, and outfitted with three ports that can utilize foam plugs to run the subwoofer in a sealed mode, or tune it as you see fit.

2000‑Watt Amplifier
The 2000W RMS amplifier (3800+ Watts Peak) is built around a Texas Instruments® 48‑bit data path (with 28‑bit filter coefficients) and DSP engine. Each amplifier's transfer function, power output limiting and thermal protection are monitored to the millisecond and are customized for each individual driver. The high efficiency Class D amplifier modules are based on a proven topology that has been continuously refined over the past 8 years. The amplifier has vast reserves of power for highly accurate, deep bass for your home theatre or music system.
For almost 40 years, THX has set the standard for the audio and visual fidelity of entertainment experiences. THX® Certification is a globally recognized assurance of uncompromising quality, consistency and performance. We blend art, technology, and the dynamics of real world listening and viewing environments to ensure products deliver the artist's true vision.

These subs are BIG and HEAVY! (think small washing machine size!).

Please make sure you have space and the ability to move these around. Our delivery company will deliver to a ground floor room of your choice, but can not help unpack or set up. 


HDF (High Density Fibreboard), not MDF, was utilized resulting in a sonically inert cabinet. Internal bracing has been strategically placed to increase overall cabinet strength and limit unwanted panel vibrations that would cause discoloration and distortion. The strong cabinet and bracing combine to ensure you hear massive amounts of bass, not cabinet resonances.

The 16" model uses three 100mm ports with inner and outer flares. Multiple ports are used to ensure high SPL capability at low frequencies (fb=21Hz). The dual flares help reduce turbulence and asymmetrical distortions. Additional adjustments can be made by sealing the port with the supplied plug. The "floating" grille is made from non‑resonant MDF to provide rigidity, while the entire structure is offset from the cabinet to maximize air flow of the woofer and ports.

Every part of this driver has been developed from the ground up and customized to deliver high output, low distortion, and accurate bass. Our unique hybrid cone combines long fibre pulp and fiberglass, taking advantage of the pulp's superior stiffness with the additional rigidity and lightweight properties of fiberglass, to deliver a driver of massive durability and excursion. The result is a cone that achieves optimal motion at all frequencies it is asked to produce and beyond.

1. Lower Suspension
FEA (Finite Element Analysis) modelling and Klippel laser based optimizations were used to design a cone that is capable of astounding >90mm peak‑to‑peak excursions. The lower and upper suspensions are designed together with the motor structure. The lower suspension is critical for maintaining very low levels of distortion at high excursions, which are required for high SPL at low frequencies.

2. Spider and Cone Venting
The spider is made from multiple layers of NOMEX® with integrated tinsel leads hand stitched in place for low mass, yet high strength and durability. The purpose of these vents are twofold ‑‑ first, they allow convective air flow to cool the voice coil, and second, they reduce asymmetrical compliance due to air compression under the cone/spider, which would appear as unwanted distortions.

3. Woofer Surround
FEA (Finite Element Analysis) modelling and Klippel laser based optimization were utilized to create this durable, high profile surround that's made from a unique formulation of NBR (nitrile budadiene rubber). This formulation was developed after months of modelling and prototyping to ensure the highest levels of excursion, without sacrificing linearity or distortion.

4. Motor Structure
The motor is made of CNC milled low carbon steel in the modified undercut "T" pole assembly to focus the magnetic flux. Dual aluminium shorting rings are used to cancel eddy currents, further stabilizing the magnetic flux and significantly lowering distortion. The precision wound, high temperature, all aluminium bobbin (which has a lower thermal compression than copper) enable the voice coil to remain cool. The motor and suspension design is extremely critical for maintaining control of the driver's displacement over a very wide range of input signals, allowing the subwoofer to reach maximum performance and output levels while keeping distortion to a minimum.

The Monolith™ subwoofer amplifier has an extraordinarily high power output of 2000 watts RMS (over 3800 watts peak), which can deliver massive amounts of power when needed. Each Class D amplifier is built around a Texas Instruments® 48‑bit data path (with 28‑bit filter coefficients) DSP engine, allowing virtually unlimited design flexibility with the assurance of no signal degradation. Each amplifier's transfer function, power output limiting, and thermal protection are monitored to the millisecond and are customized for each individual woofer and cabinet air volume combination. This state‑of‑the‑art Class D amplifier technology ensures maximum headroom capability, excellent transient response, high output, and very low distortion when driving the Monolith 16" THX® Certified Ultra Subwoofer.

"Monoprice's Monolith 16" THX® Certified Ultra subwoofer is sure to make a big impact on the high‑performance subwoofer market. Those who are hearty enough to handle this beast are going to have an enviable sound system."
James Larson | Audioholics