Nimbus 14AWG 4Core Speaker Cable - by Monoprice



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Monoprice Plenum Speaker Wire is designed to meet the most stringent standards of safety for both residential and commercial applications. The fire-retardant cable jacket bears the CMP plenum air space safety rating, making it ideal for use in any situation. Available in a variety of lengths and gauges, you can choose two-conductor versions, for connecting a single speaker, or four-conductor versions for connecting speaker pairs. The 100% pure oxygen-free copper conductors are sheathed in color-coded jackets contained with the main CMP-rated jacket. Backed up by Monoprice's Lifetime Warranty, Monoprice Plenum Speaker Wire series is the ultimate speaker wire for commercial and residential installations.

  • Monoprice plenum speaker wire
  • Pre-cut 100ft / 30m Length
  • Conductors are made of high purity oxygen-free bare copper
  • It uses a high quality material that is soft-er and more flexible than on traditional plenum rated jackets
  • Easily identifiable red, black, white, and green conductors.