OSD BK-S81 MK2 - Reference Series On-Wall LCR Cinema Speaker (Each)



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8” Fibre Cone Woofer Triple Tweeter Array Home Theatre On-wall Speaker, Custom Crossovers S81 MK2

Part of OSD Black’s premium S Series of ultra-high-performance home theatre speakers, the S81-MK2 speaker is the next generation that improves on an already superb design. We could take days unpacking the performance level of this remarkable speaker but will highlight the most important features that will make listeners sit back and say, ‘wow.’ 

Three Tweeters for Ultimate Sound
Our S81-MK2 features three dome tweeters instead of the typical one. The triple tweeter array allows for much higher SPL levels and less restricted sound. Our audio engineers wanted to meet and exceed the Dolby and THX SPL reference levels of 105dB and achieve clean, non-distorted sound at a maximum peak of 116dB. The S-81 MKII is rated at 112dB. The triple tweeter array sits on a rotatable faceplate, allowing the tweeters to be oriented vertically or horizontally. This ensures perfect high-frequency timbre matching and allows audiophiles a way to choose which orientation performs best with their room’s acoustical characteristics.

Long Wood Fibre Cone Woofer with Low-carbon Steel Magnet
Let’s not overlook the S81-MK2’s 8” wood fibre cone woofer. The long wood fibre material is coarser which reduces cone resonance because resonance leads to unwanted distortion.  Remember that this speaker cranks out high SPLs which can lead to distortion. A rigid cone woofer ensures pistonic air displacement and lower distortion. We also improved the magnet structure of this next-gen speaker which now uses a larger low-carbon steel magnet and a triangular silent spider that attaches to the pure copper edge-wound voice coil.

Let’s Talk Crossovers
Complementing OSD Black’s triple tweeter array is an advanced in crossover design. The revised crossovers use parallel and series wiring for a precise frequency response. Higher-quality air-core choke resistors and polypropylene capacitors are the foundation of the crossovers network that routes frequencies with orchestral precision. This network works in tandem with the triple tweeter array to ensure a perfect sonic highway of separated high, low, and medium frequencies. 

Sonically-neutral Cabinet
All speakers in the Black S series have a sonically neutral cabinet designed for a stable, resonance-free platform for the custom drivers. The cabinet “disappears” when the music or movie begins so all you hear is a precise soundstage, deep and well-controlled bass, natural mids and high frequencies, and an incredibly realistic emotional impact.
  • Proprietary speaker design provides immersive surround sound and high-end home theatre sound
  • Meets or exceeds Dolby and THX reference SPL levels 
  • Achieves clean, non-distorted sound at 105dB with a maximum peak of 116dB 
  • Custom-designed crossovers include German capacitors and Japanese silver solder for precise frequency routing 
  • Triple silk dome tweeter array can be oriented vertically or horizontally for perfect high-frequency timbre matching
  • 8” long fibre inter-weave cone woofer serves up powerful bass with low distortion even at high SPLs
  • Front inverted wood cabinet with high transparency grille
  • Gold-plated speaker terminals offer pristine-level signal transfer
  • Shallow 6.2” deep enclosure can be wall-mounted next to, beneath, or behind a screen
  • Slim, compact design blends easily into spaces