OSD BK-SRT-1, WiFi & Bluetooth Streaming Source



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SRT1 WiFi App Controlled Media Streamer, Bluetooth, Optical Input & Wired Ethernet Connection

For customers ready to expand their whole house audio system and enjoy wireless music streaming services, but who don’t want to compromise sound quality, our SRT1 is a simple and affordable way to get it done. This feature-rich wireless streaming pre-amplifier connects to existing home theatre AV receivers or Hi-Fi systems and delivers 24-bit audiophile-level sound quality from a music library, Spotify, Napster, iTunes or iHeartRadio and can be used with Alexa to play other music sources or internet radio - all easily controlled with the free OSD Player App for smartphones or tablets. Now there’s no reason to give up the rich sounding music that traditional amps/receivers and classic speakers provide for the convenience of WiFi and Bluetooth!

Put the HiFi in WiFi
Wireless audio has come a long way thanks to Wi Fi and Bluetooth, and now customers can enjoy tunes from the kitchen to the garage. The downside of streaming is the sound quality, which is generally compressed by the tiny Digital-to-Analog Converters or DACs in smart phones and tablets. The SRT1 bypasses the DAC and uses its own, more robust converter to deliver a 24-bit audio signal (DVD quality) to speakers. The higher bit rate and uncompressed signal reveal sonic subtleties that make a great song sound even greater.

Advanced Inputs and Outputs
This app-driven Wi-Fi Link Bluetooth receiver includes advanced connection capabilities with four key source inputs that include TF (SD) card slot and analogue 3.5mm line inputs. The SRT1 also includes a slim line IR remote control for direct access to all four sources as well as volume up and down, play/pause and previous/advance buttons. Lineouts include a digital optical output and 3.5mm analogue aux line out. There’s also a LAN input for direct connection to a Wi-Fi router or a WPS button for wireless connection as well as a RS232 connector for interface with third party control systems.

Whole House Audio in the Palm of Your Hands
Our SRT1 is also an easy and affordable way to expand the whole house audio experience for customers who don’t have an inexhaustible budget. Simply connect additional preamp SRT1/amplifier combinations to create more source/zone options for multiroom, multi-source systems all controlled from a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer utilizing the OSD Audio Player App with Alexa interface. Imagine showing this to clients who will think you are a genius!

Small Footprint, Big Impact
The SRT1 is a stand-alone device that measures only 4” by 6” and needs only a WiFi connection to start streaming high-end audio at a price that won’t spoil the music experience.

Does this work with Apple Airplay - Yes it does, but you need to set up the NERO Link using the OSD Player App first which you can find in the app store. Once the NERO Link syncs with your Wi-Fi network, you would reconnect your device to your home Wi-Fi network. Then you would open Apple Airplay, from there you would select the source you want to cast and the NERO Link should appear on that list. Please feel free to contact customer Service at OSD Audio to walk you through it. With this feature it increases the number of Sources available to our Streaming Devices.