OSD 100v/70V Rotary-Style Mono Outdoor Volume Control



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OSD 100/70V Rotary-Style Mono Outdoor Volume Control, Daisy Chain Through-Output

Our Black Series MOV50W is a sturdy and reliable 100/70-volt outdoor volume control for large-scale home installations or commercial applications with multiple pairs of speakers and complex speaker runs.

Rated at 50 Watts, this rugged volume control also acts as an attenuator in 10 “make before break” steps with taps set at 10W max to produce more than enough sound in a distributed audio system that may include outdoor speakers set at lower volumes and PA systems set at higher volumes. This flexible VC can also be connected directly to an amplifier with a 100/70V output for home-run configurations or use the convenient through-output for a daisy chain configuration.

The MOV50W allows the speakers to be wired in parallel across the amplifier output so wiring is simple and maintains the full frequency response with no low frequency roll-off. The rotary-style knob easily adjusts the volume from inaudible to loud. Ideal for hotels, theme parks and retail outlets, all componentry is protected by an easy to mount weather-proof outdoor housing designed to withstand cold, hot and wet climates.