OSD FORZA-850T70V In-Ground 8" Omni Speaker



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FORZA-850T 200W 8" Weatherproof 70V/8 Ohm Architectural Outdoor In-Ground Omni Speaker with Reinforced Hunter Green Enclosure

Ideal for commercial and residential settings, our FORZA-850T is a weatherproof omni speaker that can be used as a standard 8-ohm speaker and includes a built-in transformer with 70V taps (20W, 40W, 60W) for commercial environments so integrators can connect multiple speakers in series without sound risk of harming the amplifier or receiver. Sold as a single speaker, this in-ground speaker is stealthy and works well in a variety of landscapes, from backyards to amusement parks, to deliver crisp highs, full mid frequencies, and smooth and solid bass notes. Rated at 200 watts of power handling, the FORZA-850T outdoor ground speaker is made of high-impact, resin fibre that stands up to different climates and the reinforced hunter green enclosure blends easily into outdoor landscapes. Setting up this omni-directional outdoor speaker is simple. Just plug the FORZA-850T into an amplifier or receiver with direct burial speaker cable, bury the speaker according to the directions, and enjoy great sound in your outdoor space. The 8-inch polypropylene woofer offers authoritative bass sound while the 1” PEI Dome Tweeter radiates high frequency content extremely effectively. This omni outdoor speaker is designed with weatherproof components that are resistant to rain, snow, bugs, and dirt so it will last for years. We recommend adding an omni-directional subwoofer to enjoy a full-range outdoor audio experience.

360° Sound Dispersion
Omni-directional speakers are well suited for open spaces which have few hard surfaces to reflect and disperse sound waves. These resilient outdoor speakers radiate sound evenly in a 360° pattern so you’ll hear rich and immersive audio whether you’re sitting down or walking around the backyard. The FORZA-850T is engineered with a cabinet and driver scheme that overcomes the sound of wind, traffic, and other ambient noises that can dilute the sound experience. Keep in mind, however, that most omni speakers are passive so you’ll need amplification for this speaker to operate.

Includes 70V Taps
The FORZA-850T is a versatile outdoor speaker in that it can be used in both home and commercial environments with the 70V taps (8-ohm, 20W, 40W, 60W) and can be used within a 100v system. Install this outdoor speaker as a standard 8-ohm speaker (bypassing the internal transformer) or connect multiple speakers in series without sound degradation or risk of harming the amplifier.



  • Weatherproof omni-directional in-ground speaker
  • Includes built-in transformer for use in 70V commercial applications
  • 8-inch polypropylene woofer with a 360 horizontal dispersion pattern
  • 1” PEI Dome Tweeter radiates crisp high frequencies
  • Handles up to 200 Watts of power
  • Made with reinforced resin fibre that withstands hot, cold, and wet climates
  • Easy to install and compatible with most amps and receivers
  • Reinforced hunter green enclosure blends into any outdoor environment