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500W DSP Mono Class D Subwoofer Amplifier, 4ohm Stable, Auto-Sensing, Black Series.

This OSD Black subwoofer amp is designed for those systems that require the highest power levels with the lowest distortion and most comprehensive features.

Up to 1,000 watts are available into 4 Ohms, allowing for multiple 8 Ohm subwoofers to be connected simultaneously. Where the installation demands that the subwoofers are hidden in Walls, Ceilings, or Outdoors buried in the ground, the SAM500 is the right choice.

Ten pre-sets have been programmed into the SAM500 to allow users to easily match the most common set-ups. The crossover points and filter slopes have been carefully chosen to guarantee a great match for your existing main speakers, soundbars, or TV.

There is no substitute for a big amplifier and large subwoofers when deep bass is needed. Movie and music soundtracks are recorded with bass going down to 20Hz and below. TV’s soundbars and small speakers cannot reproduce these sounds. Even most large speakers cannot get below 35 Hz. To hear what the artist intended, an amp like this, and speakers to match, are required.  


  • Toroidal Transformer for high-current audiophile sound
  • Low-level, high-level, and LFE inputs
  • Class D output stage for solid, well-defined output
  • Manual, auto, or triggered on/off modes for integration into any automated system
  • 10 Pre-sets to help match any main speakers
  • Selectable bass boost; 25Hz to 50Hz up to 12dB Gain at selected point
  • Draws less than 1 watt in standby mode
  • Heavy-duty steel chassis with brushed aluminum faceplate
  • Adjustable phase, gain, and crossover
  • Multi-Voltage, Switchable 120/240V input voltage
  • Available 7 band parametric EQ
  • Front panel display for easy set-up