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  • The Emotiva SP-1 is designed to work with our Stealth DC-1 DAC, or your current DAC or analog preamp, to expand its flexibility and input capabilities dramatically. When you connect the SP-1 to an available line-level stereo analog input on your preamp or DAC, the SP-1 upgrades that single input to three line level inputs, passively switched by precision control relays, and a phono input, powered by the SP-1’s own internal high performance, low noise precision phono preamp (which supports both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges).

    Upgrade Your DC-1 Into a Complete Modular Digital and Analog Preamp
    The Stealth SP-1 can be used with any analog preamp, or with our Control Freak passive level control, but it was specifically designed to complement our Stealth DC-1 DAC. When the SP-1 is paired with the DC-1 via its analog input, the two together comprise a modular system, which offers a total of three line level analog inputs, one phono input, and a full complement of five digital inputs – two Coax S/PDIF inputs, one Toslink input, one AES/EBU input, and one high-performance USB input. The DC-1 provides both balanced and unbalanced stereo analog outputs, and a precision low noise volume control. The complete system is operated by the DC-1’s remote control, and offers performance matching the best analog and digital separates.

    Note: The Stealth SP-1 can only be used with a DAC or preamp which has at least one available line level unbalanced analog input – such as our DC-1 or XSP-1.

    The Stealth SP-1; turn your DC-1 into a high performance modular audio system.