Spatial Audio Calibration Toolkit (Blu-ray Atmos Disc)


Spatial Group

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What is the Spatial Audio Toolkit?

The Spatial Group has created the first calibration disc for Dolby Atmos. Our toolkit utilizes a brand new method of calibrating your home audio experience.With our toolkit, we've simplified the calibration process so that you can ensure your home audio system is performing at its peak.

Not getting the best sound from your home theatre system?
We've created a comprehensive set of tools to ensure your audio system is running at its peak.

Calibrating your system is complicated and expensive
We've simplified the process with visual cues and a detailed instruction guide. Calibration can be completed with just your ears or an optional microphone.

Do you need access to 9.1.6 channels?
We provide the test tones you need to tune your system using a calibrated microphone and your preferred software.

Included in the Toolkit

  • Calibration Guide
    Each Spatial Calibration Audio Toolkit includes full PDF instructions to guide you on your way to better sound.

  • Test Tones
    Perceptual level matching
    Relative level matching
    Phase checking
    Timing checks
    Sound stage
    Subwoofer integration
    Height speaker integration
  • Tracks
    Pink noise
    Object Movement
    ...and many more!
Created by Industry Professionals and YouTubers, Joe-n-Tell and Techno Dad.