Torus Power TOT Series (UK)



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Power means nothing without control

Torus Power’s “TOT” Series consists of three compact models that bring toroidal power conditioning to a new price point. Compact in size, affordable for most applications and packed with features, the TOT Series is an easy choice to improve performance of all audio and video system

The TOT MINI, rated at 3 Amps, is ideal to provide clean power to Audio/Video systems, projectors, flat panels, powered speakers, media/ source players, processors, or network devices.

The TOT MAX, rated at 8 Amps, can provide current to demanding power hungry systems including substantial power amplifiers.

The TOT AVR, rated at 4 amps, provides automatic voltage regulation, thereby enhancing protection against voltage sags, brownouts and surges; plus Smart Ethernet connectivity and RS232 interface. Ideal for home theatre receivers and 2-channel audio systems.

Torus TOT AVR will keep the output constant within the range of 220 – 240 VAC +/- 10, with an input voltage of 170-270 VAC.

All TOT models feature a courtesy USB charger outlet. Options include a dress aluminium faceplate (Black or Silver) and a 19” rack mount adapter kit. TOT units include circuit protection through a replaceable varistor. Torus Power non-sacrificial Series Mode Surge Suppression (SMSS) is also available as a factory-installed option.


  • Toroidal Isolation
  • Noise Filtering
  • High Instantaneous Current Capability

TOT AVR has all of the above, plus